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Kindergarten-8th Grade Curriculum

Our classrooms are highly structured to achieve maximum learning success for each child. A highly structured classroom offers more than just high academics and fast paced learning. It offers respectful and courteous peer interaction, socialization in multiple environments, and self-discipline for effective time management. We have a well-rounded curriculum that creates a solid foundation for lifelong learning. In addition, all subjects are taught in light of God’s Word to ensure a biblical view of the world.

K-4 Grade

  • Religion- ChristLight

  • Math- Saxon Math

  • Reading/ Phonics- Adventure of the Superkids, Horizons Published by McGraw-Hill

  • Spelling- Everyday Spelling

  • English- World of Language: Silver Burdett and Ginn

  • Handwriting- Zaner Bloser

  • Social Studies- Macmillan/ McGraw-Hill

  • Science- Pearson Science

  • PE- Sparks Physical Education

5-8 Grade

  • Religion: ChristLight

  • Math- Saxon Math

  • Handwriting- Zaner-Bloser

  • Spelling- Everyday Spelling

  • English-Grammar and Writing: Hake

  • Social Studies- United States History and World History: Houghton Mifflin

  • Reading- Whole Class Novel Reading

  • Science- Pearson Science

  • Computer- Typing Club, Google Docs, and Google Slides

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